Meaning of friar's balsam in English:

friar's balsam


mass noun
  • A solution containing benzoin in alcohol, used chiefly as an inhalant.

    ‘The compound tincture is highly potent, pharmaceutically used in friar's balsam and as a fixative in perfume.’
    • ‘Put a few menthol crystals, drops of eucalyptus oil or friar's balsam into a bowl of steaming water.’
    • ‘It will go away naturally within a few weeks, but the process of healing can be accelerated by applying friar's balsam or an over the counter lotion to the affected area.’
    • ‘My doctor has suggested friar's balsam for my upper respiratory things too.’
    • ‘In February clothes and boots were prepared, and at the end of the month the men congregated in the ports of departure, each man with his little bag of medicines - salves for cuts, friar's balsam for sprains and sulphate of zinc for ice-blindness.’