Meaning of friction tape in English:

friction tape


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another term for insulating tape
‘I prefer the smoother white tape to the friction tape on my blade.’
  • ‘The original Magna stocks had been given several layers of friction tape to make them larger and over the years the tape and the wood had literally bonded and it was necessary to cut the tape to remove the stocks.’
  • ‘We wrapped its wounds with black friction tape.’
  • ‘Shield flasks with friction tape or enclose in a wooden or metal container to reduce the risk of flying glass.’
  • ‘If you don't have friction tape, as with everything else, you can always use duct tape.’
  • ‘The additional layers of plastic tape provide the added protection normally furnished by friction tape.’
  • ‘Carefully cut away the friction tape so that the wires are exposed and easily to manipulate - always give your self plenty of room to work.’
  • ‘Wayne Gretzky does something odd with his blades; he uses black friction tape, then puts baby powder on them, supposedly to remove the adhesion.’
  • ‘On the other hand, Trinity's decades-long practice had been to repair such worn or frayed cords with friction tape.’