Meaning of friction welding in English:

friction welding


mass noun
  • Welding in which the heat is produced by rotating one component against the other under compression.

    ‘Other processes, such as plasma arc welding, resistance spot welding, laser-beam welding, electronbeam welding, and friction welding, can be used.’
    • ‘After friction welding, the pistons are heat treated to create a uniform molecular structure across the weld before machining.’
    • ‘In friction welding only a very small amount of the base metal is heated.’
    • ‘The wiping action facilitates bonding of the contacts to the pads, as by friction welding, or by a conductive bonding material carried on the contacts themselves.’
    • ‘Among the advantages of friction welding is the ability to produce high quality welds in a short cycle time.’
    • ‘The key to friction welding is that no molten material is generated, the weld being formed in the solid state.’
    • ‘Strictly speaking, inertia or rotational friction welding is not a welding process but a hot forging technique joining two members together.’
    • ‘Need the right expert in friction welding?’