Meaning of fridge in English:


Pronunciation /frɪdʒ/

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mainly British
  • A refrigerator.

    ‘she put the carton of milk back in the fridge’
    • ‘Storage facilities like fridges and deep freezers are examined to ensure they comply with health regulations.’
    • ‘Freezers, fridges, microwaves and cookers are checked and tested before being delivered at a low cost to clients.’
    • ‘Asbestos and 20 fridges and freezers were among the abandoned rubbish, which took council workers nearly a day to clear.’
    • ‘The council currently handles 4,500 fridges and freezers a year at its household waste site in Foss Islands Road.’
    • ‘She said she contacted the local depot and they had confirmed fridges and freezers were being put into bin lorries.’
    • ‘The controversy comes days before the introduction of strict laws on the disposal of fridges and freezers.’
    • ‘They were a Victorian invention designed to ensure there was always ice to go in the gin and tonic before the days of electricity and fridges.’
    • ‘He appeared to be talking gibberish about fridges and freezers.’
    • ‘After an hour, the lorry came back and picked up the rest of the waste, except for four other fridges and freezers.’
    • ‘Residents reported that the car park in front of the club was used to dump rubbish like fridges, freezers and old televisions.’
    • ‘The Countryside Lover is quite correct about reporting the dumping of fridges and freezers.’
    • ‘The lack of fridges and freezers meant food was bought and cooked fresh daily.’
    • ‘Now it is the market for fridges and air conditioners that has become a crazy one.’
    • ‘My sister brought the new fridge and freezer over for me, so I had all that to sort.’
    • ‘There is also a storage room containing two freezer units and three fridges.’
    • ‘There's a separate section for metal items, like washing machines, fridges and microwaves.’
    • ‘Residents were being urged to stay in their homes after a massive stockpile of used fridges caught fire sending toxic smoke billowing into the air.’
    • ‘Experts estimate the number of fridges being safely treated in Greater Manchester has finally caught up with the number being dumped.’
    • ‘The towering apartment blocks are empty, although residents were allowed in to empty their fridges and pick up supplies last week.’
    • ‘It is obvious that a truly energy efficient fridge does not cost any more money than a mediocre one.’


1920s abbreviation, probably influenced by the proprietary name Frigidaire.