Main meanings of frig in English

: frig1frig2


Pronunciation /frɪɡ/

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verbverb frigs, verb frigging, verb frigged

vulgar slang
  • 1Have sex with.

    1. 1.1Masturbate.


vulgar slang
  • Expressing anger, annoyance, or contempt.

Phrasal Verbs

    frig around
    vulgar slang
    • Spend time doing unimportant or trivial things.


Late Middle English of unknown origin. The original sense was ‘move restlessly, wriggle’, later ‘rub, chafe’, hence ‘masturbate’ (late 17th century).

Main meanings of frig in English

: frig1frig2


Pronunciation /frɪdʒ/

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(also 'frig)
old-fashioned spelling of fridge
‘Jocelyn came over and slammed the refrigerator door with Nova's head still in the frig.’
  • ‘‘I have soda in the frig,’ Joanne politely offered her guests.’
  • ‘Either the water inlet valve in the back of the frig is allowing water to seep past it even when its turned off.’
  • ‘I opened the frig to get the peanut butter and jelly for my sandwich.’
  • ‘Taking one of sandwiches I closed the frig and stuffed it in my mouth.’
  • ‘Sakura figured it was ok if she took a little something from the frig.’
  • ‘I went into the frig and started to make myself a sandwich for lunch when Flash stumbled into the kitchen.’
  • ‘Not really all that hungry, Jess grabbed a beer from the frig and switched on the TV.’
  • ‘As that is getting ready I open my frig and pull out a piece of strawberry shortcake.’
  • ‘Daren sighed as he walked over to the frig and got some jam and other stuff out and sighed again.’