Meaning of frigidarium in English:


Pronunciation /ˌfrɪdʒɪˈdɛːrɪəm/

nounplural noun frigidaria/ˌfrɪdʒɪˈdɛːrɪə/

  • A cold room in an ancient Roman bath.

    ‘Finally they would take a quick dip in the cold bath, the frigidarium.’
    • ‘After this, the visitor would return to the tepidarium and then to frigidarium to cool down.’
    • ‘In the bathhouse's second phase the frigidarium was annexed to the church and was turned into a baptistery.’
    • ‘Preliminary analysis suggests the frigidarium remained in use until its roof collapsed on a hapless bather.’
    • ‘The first room entered is the frigidarium, or cold room, referring to the cold plunge bath housed here.’