Meaning of frijoles in English:


Pronunciation /frɪˈhəʊlɛs/

plural noun

  • (in Mexican cooking) beans.

    ‘After dinner, typically a light meatless meal with corn tortillas and frijoles or some kind of pepper or tomato soup, I sit on the bench in the courtyard enjoying the evening breeze or reading the paper while the children play.’
    • ‘Puerto Ricans and Chicanos are linguistically linked, but if you invite them over for frijoles and serve refried beans, one will be disappointed.’
    • ‘It is folded over and filled with a soft white cheese, chopped meat, fried pork rinds, or frijoles (red or black beans).’
    • ‘Actually they're bean flakes that plump up to become frijoles after you add boiling water.’
    • ‘It is unclear how long Fred and his friends were down there, living on tortillas and frijoles, roaming a labyrinthine dreamscape streaked with sunlight.’
    • ‘Again, after the last patient had been seen, a feast of fresh orange juice, chicken, frijoles, and tortillas was provided to the team.’
    • ‘Downstairs was a café serving tortillas de maíz and frijoles for breakfast and whatever the fishermen brought in for dinner.’
    • ‘One of the most common ways of serving frijoles is as frijoles refritos.’
    • ‘When the vegetables are tender, add them to the frijoles.’


Spanish, plural of frijol ‘bean’.