Meaning of fringing reef in English:

fringing reef


  • A coral reef that lies close to the shore.

    ‘Reefs are generally divided into three categories; the barrier reef, the atoll, and the fringing reef.’
    • ‘Sipadan has fringing reefs and a coral wall which drops thousands of feet, while peninsular Malaysia's islands have reefs and rock outcrops plus some deep wrecks for technical divers.’
    • ‘Coral atolls consist of several small islets within a fringing reef, arranged around a central lagoon.’
    • ‘The swell has picked up, and as we skirt the seaward, western shore of the islands, surf is breaking upon the fringing reefs.’
    • ‘Everyone knows about the Great Barrier Reef but we have Ningaloo Reef, which is the biggest fringing reef in the world.’
    • ‘Coral strength and growth has been visibly affected, and currently there seems to be rather little chance for a recovery, with over 200 divers a day touring the limited number of fringing reefs.’
    • ‘The flow continued across the bay, destroying fringing reefs before rolling down into the depths, creating this unique dive site.’
    • ‘Yet as long as there are captains fond of rum, sharp fringing reefs and a shortage of lighthouses, there will be wrecks, and the Maldives has its share.’
    • ‘Boats can be hired for passage to outer islands and fringing reefs.’
    • ‘On the final day of their safari, the divers will visit the fringing reefs of Marsa Alam.’
    • ‘It is normal to find oneself charging along effortlessly past a fringing reef, always watchful for any up-current that might force you into the shallows or, worse, leave you marooned on the reef top.’
    • ‘If this sounds rather bleak, it is, but Bonaire has become very popular as a leisure-diving destination because it has a magnificent fringing reef along its whole leeside.’
    • ‘The gorge cliffs display a classic section of limestone sediments that include the remains of a fringing reef.’
    • ‘It's a very small bay with a fringing reef and the rest of the island, apart from a few odd spots, is just extremely high cliffs.’
    • ‘A few strokes out from the shoreline and you're on the fringing reef.’
    • ‘The fringing reef around Hayes Island follows around a northern outcrop of the island.’
    • ‘Kick gently across a gorgeous, shallow fringing reef, and then watch it plunge away in a sheer cliff prowled by a constellation of fish.’
    • ‘There are many islets with fringing reefs and also extensive patch reef systems inside the lagoon.’
    • ‘The reef front of a fringing reef around an island actively grows at the same time the island is sinking.’
    • ‘At the fringing reef of the neighboring island, Uripiv, we spotted two individuals during a snorkel trip.’
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