Meaning of frittata in English:


Pronunciation /frɪˈtɑːtə/


  • An Italian dish made with fried beaten eggs, resembling a Spanish omelette.

    ‘On the menu you'll find fresh pasta, panini, frittatas and both brunch and breakfast fare.’
    • ‘You can make deviled eggs for appetizers, spike them in eggnog or make quiches, frittatas, omelets or other brunch-type party fare.’
    • ‘Egg-based dishes such as omelettes or frittatas which include cooked vegetables can be prepared quickly and make a wholesome entrée.’
    • ‘Shake the pan if needed in order to release the frittata.’
    • ‘He ordered a vegetable frittata - a pie-like omelette with veggies embedded - while I had pastrami and cheese sandwich.’
    • ‘Somewhere between a frittata and a souffle, this comforting, old-fashioned dish is perfect for dinner when you don't want to spend a lot of time shopping or cooking.’
    • ‘In addition to the frittata, I'll have about 16 ounces of flank steak or 90% lean ground beef.’
    • ‘A legacy from Italian colonial days is the frittata, made by scrambling eggs with onion and peppers.’
    • ‘It's sort of like a frittata or a quiche, although neither of those do justice to the wonderfully distinctive, almost tangy, taste.’
    • ‘We've got three more wonderful ideas for you: a Mexican omelet wrap, a sausage and potato frittata and banana nut pancakes.’
    • ‘Return the frittata to the pan with the topside down.’
    • ‘Scatter the frittata with the remaining cheese, place the pan under the grill and cook for a further couple of minutes until the eggs are just firm.’
    • ‘Or why not make a large frittata with eggs and ricotta, and spice it up with bacon and a herb such as basil, tarragon or chervil?’
    • ‘Don't be tempted to turn the heat up too much, as this will burn the bottom of the frittata.’
    • ‘The good news is that Kate came over last night and I cooked a frittata and it turned out quite lovely.’
    • ‘This Italian flavored frittata is good served for breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending on your mood.’
    • ‘Remove the frittata from the heat and sprinkle the grated cheese evenly over the top of the frittata.’
    • ‘This is a quick and easy, no-nonsense recipe that makes a terrific frittata in hardly any time at all.’
    • ‘For speed and efficiency, bake the frittata in the same skillet you use to cook the filling.’
    • ‘Periodically check the underside of the frittata to ensure it is not browning too quickly.’


Italian, from fritto, past participle of friggere ‘to fry’. Compare with fritter.