Meaning of frog cake in English:

frog cake


  • A small cream-filled cake covered with green icing, shaped to resemble a frog.

    ‘he was in the kitchen nibbling on a fresh frog cake’
    • ‘Frog cake, an Adelaide icon indeed.’
    • ‘They have Father Christmas frog cakes, Easter chicky frog cakes, and, if the Adelaide Crows are doing well in the footy, they even have Crows frog cakes.’
    • ‘The bakery is outraged that their very own frog cakes should have been sighted elsewhere across the border.’
    • ‘We didn't win anything except lollies for a picture of a South Australian frog cake because we are not very smart.’
    • ‘I have seen that frog cakes have migrated beyond their natural habitat of South Australia.’
    • ‘From bardie grubs to frog cakes, South Australians have their own regional lexicon.’
    • ‘Many will be thankful to know that he recently sampled another local delicacy, the frog cake.’
    • ‘I was mesmerized by the frog cakes, cut to reveal raspberry smiles.’
    • ‘It saved 400 jobs and returned it to success by focusing on the quality of its traditional pies, pasties, pastries, cakes, doughnuts, frog cakes, and other treats.’
    • ‘He recently sampled another local delicacy, the frog cake.’