Meaning of frogfish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfrɒɡfɪʃ/

nounplural noun frogfish, plural noun frogfishes

  • An anglerfish that typically lives on the seabed, where its warty skin and colour provide camouflage.

    Families Antennariidae (numerous species, including Antennaria hispidus of the Indo-Pacific), and Brachionichthyidae (four Australian species)

    ‘When a fish is within striking distance, the frogfish jumps forward, opening its large mouth and engulfing its prey.’
    • ‘So it's possible for a dark brown frogfish with a hairy body to be the very same species as a white frogfish with almost smooth skin.’
    • ‘Their big attractions are frogfish, ghost pipefish and a shoal of batfish.’
    • ‘The frogfishes have developed significant jaw protrusion.’
    • ‘One was not a pufferfish but a frogfish that had swallowed some prey so large it was having difficulty using its silly, paddle-like pectoral fins.’
    • ‘Dive legend, operations manager and PADI instructor Larry Smith has discovered innumerable species of wasp fishes, scorpion fishes, pygmy seahorses, nudi-branch, frogfishes and countless more.’
    • ‘How many harbours play host to everything from seahorses and frogfish to whales and dolphins?’
    • ‘Painted frogfish vary greatly in colour and texture, and these ones were covered in sediment.’
    • ‘Photo time with the frogfishes was short-lived as I was disrupted by the cricket-chirping signal from our divemaster.’
    • ‘On an exploratory dive from East Point to Cleaning Station we came across a green frogfish early in the dive, leaving me nearly an hour to bond with this bulbous specimen.’
    • ‘Pleased with that, I was ready to move on when I realised that my guide was looking puzzled, and pointing back in the direction of the frogfish.’
    • ‘In frogfish, the first dorsal spine is modified into a movable fishing lure.’
    • ‘The color of frogfishes is extremely variable; they generally match their surroundings very well.’
    • ‘Not a great deal is known about the reproduction of frogfish and in the wild it is a very rare sight to witness.’
    • ‘The frogfish uses its stalked pectoral fins and its pelvic fins to slowly ‘walk’ across the bottom.’
    • ‘Apart from soft coral reefs, sea fans and frogfishes, one will see large sea creatures like sharks and turtles.’
    • ‘The frogfish settled on the bottom and crawled around on its two froglike webbed paws.’
    • ‘Almost unable to swim, frogfishes are a wonderful example of aggressive camouflage.’
    • ‘Frogfishes are a family of fishes that look like misshapen toads - hence the name frogfishes.’
    • ‘Like frogfishes, these grotesque-looking fishes are anglers that use a modified dorsal spine extending just above the mouth to lure prey.’