Meaning of froggy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfrɒɡi/


  • 1Of or like a frog or frogs.

    ‘Last time I checked, Kermit's mates were a little on the lean side, what with all that leaping around, so it probably took 50 frogs to produce this tiny sachet of froggy cellulite.’
    • ‘‘This is the largest pristine wilderness in North America,’ Kennedy croaks in a froggy quaver.’
    • ‘For the more peppy numbers, he sang in a bizarre froggy voice that takes some getting used to (but no more than James' falsetto).’
    • ‘The man's voice is froggy, mechanical sounding.’
    • ‘There are lights floating in the river that glow blue at night, and speakers all around make odd bell-like tones and froggy noises.’
    • ‘Ultimately there are no obvious villains in the plague upon our froggy friends, and that is what's most frightening of all.’
    • ‘For some reason the water was lethal to our little froggy friend, so you had jump onto logs, turtles and crocodiles.’
    • ‘‘You're too good to me,’ she said in a voice more froggy than before.’
    • ‘I turned the music off altogether and swallowed, speaking aloud to make sure that my voice wasn't froggy and unused sounding.’
    • ‘I went into my room and got some clothes and my froggy slippers without even turning the light on and went into the bathroom to take a bath.’
    • ‘I got up and walked downstairs in my ducky pajamas and froggy slippers.’
    • ‘This froggy gooeyness didn't quite mesh with the flaky crust, and the caramel seemed more salty than sweet.’
    • ‘The dog looks around placidly, its froggy eyes bulging, its skin hanging around its compact body.’
    • ‘She just loves everything froggy: ornaments, tea towels, birthday cakes, cuddly toys - in fact anything and everything frog-themed.’
    • ‘Every time he applies his wonderful, froggy, flat voice to them, they're changed a little.’
    • ‘This Web site has so much stuff for teachers and students… crossword puzzle, word search, life cycle information, facts about frogs, how to make a froggy cake, and more.’
  • 2 informal, derogatory French.

    • ‘Here was a neat, modern, brightly lit Fulham deli selling 34 types of froggy cheese, a dozen olive oils, exotic mustard and the uber-MacMissionary of pan-global Mediterraneanism: balsamic bloody vinegar.’
    • ‘But there's one thing that Jacques D (as I always called him) never really got his froggy noggin round: the relative fact that a deconstructed truth looks very different on the page from when you say it out loud.’
    • ‘But don't expect any high falutin’ Froggy food at the Light Brigade – modern European is the way she describes it.’
    • ‘I've no idea but in the unlikely event that any froggy - sorry, French, - legal experts read this blog, please feel free to comment.’

nounplural noun Froggies

(also Froggy)
informal, derogatory
  • A French person.

    • ‘Possibly even France, if those no good froggies don't shape up.’