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Pronunciation /ˈfrɒlɪk/

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verbverb frolics, verb frolicking, verb frolicked

no object, usually with adverbial
  • 1Play or move about in a cheerful and lively way.

    ‘Edward frolicked on the sand’
    • ‘Susie and I were shown through to the conservatory at the back of the dining-room, overlooking the tennis courts and lawns, where a small group of children laughed and joked as they frolicked on the grass.’
    • ‘I watched the sunrise from a chair made of driftwood; offshore, fur seals frolicked on a sea-battered rock; a few feet away, snakes slithered through a stone wall.’
    • ‘Gone are the days when children frolicked on streets all day and had to be shouted at to return home in time for dinner.’
    • ‘We lounged outside the bar in the sun as we waited for our friends to arrive, while the children frolicked on the beach.’
    • ‘She skipped and frolicked and danced around the deck, her shift flying in the wind.’
    • ‘At last, lambs frolic in the fields as white fluffy clouds bob overhead.’
    • ‘There were new born lambs frolicking in the fields nearby.’
    • ‘One, sans tagline, shows kids, parents and grandparents frolicking on a beach with headline 'Caribbean Cruises'.’
    • ‘You don't make the long trek here to frolic in the surf and sand.’
    • ‘The birds chirped cheerful songs and the deer frolicked in the meadow.’
    • ‘In summer, dolphins frolic just past the breakers, and shorebirds play tag with the crystal waves.’
    • ‘The beach stretches some 3 1/2 miles, with dolphins frolicking just offshore at dawn and dusk.’
    • ‘The Dolphins' calls filled our ears as they frolicked around in the habitat created for them.’
    • ‘Now, they are free to frolic in pools and do all the other things that bears love to do.’
    • ‘He was true horse that loved to frolic in the fields with or without a rider.’
    • ‘He was standing by the fireplace, watching their children frolicking on the carpet.’
    • ‘The children frolicked in the mud and a cloud of dust rose above the place.’
    • ‘I liked to take my time and watch the animals frolicking in the late afternoon sun.’
    • ‘She laughed at the antics of a family of ducks who frolicked in the afternoon sun.’
    • ‘Their soft mains floated carelessly as they frolicked in the sun.’
    frisk, gambol, cavort, caper, cut capers, sport, scamper, skip, dance, romp, trip, prance, leap, spring, hop, jump, bounce, bob
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    1. 1.1Play about with someone in a flirtatious or sexual way.
      • ‘he denied allegations that he frolicked with a secretary’


often frolics
  • 1A playful and lively movement or activity.

    ‘his injuries were inflicted by the frolics of a young filly’
    • ‘This twelve hour journey was filled with fun, frolics and 16 young Irish people trying to grasp on to the fact that they were chosen for this trip of a lifetime.’
    • ‘It should be a magnificent day of fun and frolics for the younger children of the region.’
    • ‘Hampton Hill High Street will be closed on Friday, November 28, for another spectacular evening of festive fun and frolics.’
    • ‘His playful frolics with foxes and bears show his lack of fear of the wild and disregard for his own safety.’
    • ‘There's festive fun and frolics with Boycie and Marlene in John Sullivan's popular Only Fools And Horses spin-off.’
    • ‘The Aqua Dome first opened its doors on May 10, 1994 and to make this milestone staff and management have organised three days of fun and frolics for the young and young at heart.’
    • ‘On a day when young and old enjoy the fun and frolics, Deen Celtic Soccer Club and the Parish Development Committee join forces to provide the entertainment.’
    • ‘Fun and frolics were enjoyed by all, with a host of activities on offer to the public including side shows, games and even a round of crazy golf!’
    • ‘There will be top class entertainment, a bar extension and lots of fun and frolics on the night.’
    • ‘The pair will share the stage at Market Gate to launch the town centre's festive frolics which will keep shoppers entertained in the run-up to Christmas.’
    • ‘With major financial difficulties put behind them, Rose of Tralee festival organisers got back to the main business in hand last weekend as the crowds descended on Tralee for five days and night of fun and frolics.’
    • ‘This was followed by musical entertainment which was provided by Waterford's own ‘King’ Rocky Mills while Martin Kennedy was on hand to video all the fun and frolics.’
    • ‘Also on Friday night there was plenty of fun and frolics with the ever-popular wheelbarrow race making a welcome return while it was in many of the local pubs that the festival kicked off in earnest.’
    • ‘Many English seaside towns seem as if they are stuck in a time warp, in an era when families and charabancs full of factory workers would converge on the shore for fun and frolics.’
    • ‘The fun and frolics usually start at about 6.30 am when the heavy goods vehicles start charging past, untroubled by the speed tables courtesy of their axle width.’
    • ‘Do such clubs and bars exist to satisfy our lust for alcohol fuelled fun and frolics, and without them would we merely find other more dangerous places to continue this culture?’
    • ‘The kids converged on Ryston Social club for their annual bash, and left with a fine present under their arms after a day of fun, frolics and music.’
    • ‘His film Baby Snakes captured one of these marathon gigs in 1979; now Halloween gives us a selection from the previous year's fun and frolics.’
    • ‘What one needs in journalism is plenty of forthright, candid opinion, good old-fashioned invective, frolics and fun.’
    • ‘Another fun-filled night is lined up complete with six Santas to add to the festive frolics.’
    antic, caper, game, romp, stunt, escapade, exploit, revel, spree, sport, fling
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    1. 1.1Flirtatious or sexual activity or actions.
      • ‘her poolside frolics’


  • Cheerful, merry, or playful.

    ‘a thousand forms of frolic life’
    • ‘Where we such clusters had, as made us nobly wild, not mad; And yet each verse of thine out-did the meat, out-did the frolic wine.’
    • ‘Memories of the frolic era trailed behind for some time; some fizzled out, others are still etched on the mind.’
    playful, frisky, fun-loving, jolly, merry, gleeful, light-hearted, exuberant, high-spirited, spirited, lively, perky, skittish, coltish, kittenish
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Early 16th century (as an adjective): from Dutch vrolijk ‘merry, cheerful’.