Meaning of frolicsome in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfrɒlɪks(ə)m/

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  • Lively and playful.

    ‘Around the year 850 in southern Abyssinia, a young goatherd named Khaldi noticed that his goats were particularly frisky and frolicsome when he brought them home in the evening.’
    • ‘I mean, it's such a frolicsome profession - cavorting and skipping around a store window arranging merchandise and props in full view of humanity.’
    • ‘Arriving fatigued but frolicsome in Vilnius 40 hours after leaving the UK, my initial impressions made it worth it as I meandered through what claims to be the largest ‘Old Town’ in Europe on my way to my holiday abode.’
    • ‘Then on to Tullaghan where the three grey horse in Maguire's field kicked their heels in the air and seemed anxious to join in as they galloped their own frolicsome lap of honour.’
    • ‘Merchant's style is anecdotal, a frolicsome oral narration, aglitter with personal encounters with stars round the world.’
    • ‘The frolicsome maidens of the early tapestries end as victims and victimizers on the barricades.’
    • ‘A long bloody war painted red the frolicsome history that a common Kashmiri had enjoyed for a very brief period indeed.’
    • ‘Loud, friendly, fun and frolicsome, the bar staff serve industrial-strength cocktails that have brought down many a heavy drinker in the past and are likely to do so in the future.’
    • ‘Much of the resulting fabric was built in Fascist times, and the sober, scraped, dull but essentially urban street fronts of that era set off the frolicsome Liberty monuments.’
    • ‘Another jump and we're in the middle of a smutty online chat between Dan, pretending to be a chick, and a frolicsome dermatologist whom we'll soon come to know as Larry.’
    • ‘The reputation of the school as a respected fine arts education centre was at stake in this winking nod towards a frolicsome counter-hegemonic look at arts and amusement in Banff.’
    • ‘Dolphins, for example, are often seen chasing each other through the water like frolicsome puppies or riding the wakes of boats like surfers.’
    • ‘The power and limberness of that kick was an extension of her frolicsome quality that Mr. B captured in his choreography.’
    • ‘Promoters of the California idyll have largely ignored the irony that the state boasts not only palm trees, blonde beaches and frolicsome youth, but also fog.’
    • ‘Neither is it a frolicsome or supposedly innocent depiction, like Disney's Pocahontas.’
    • ‘You know, boys were frolicsome, so they would distract your attention when you were doing things.’
    • ‘Their play with the golden balls was more frolicsome and a couple that rolled into the orchestra pit added a bit more frivolity.’
    • ‘When push comes to shove in a desperate race to survive, Manny, Sid, Diego, Elle and her two frolicsome little brothers all pull together despite their differences.’
    • ‘A gracefully curling wave base bears aloft a pair of dancing dolphins, while overhead, a frosted-glass shade softly gleams with gently colored images of these frolicsome creatures at play.’
    • ‘Speed entertains with the frolicsome and playful musical antics delivered through ‘good-humored’ chirpy lyrics and hip-shaking thrusting musical impact.’
    frisky, jolly, fun-loving, lively, full of fun, high-spirited, spirited, in high spirits, exuberant, perky, skittish, coltish, kittenish
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