Meaning of frolicsomely in English:




See frolicsome

‘This saucy, stylish, frolicsomely funny show is an affectionate spoof of the golden age of the silver screen.’
  • ‘Up to 5000 visitors can frolicsomely celebrate in each festival tent.’
  • ‘In front of the entrance to the New Meadow the town built a nice swimming pool, where on hot summer days the local and neighboring youths romped happily and frolicsomely in great numbers.’
  • ‘As a middle-aged professor who drinks a rejuvenating potion, Cary Grant is required to act frolicsomely juvenile; it's painful to see him playing cowboys and Indians with a bunch of kids.’
  • ‘On the opener Those Dancing Days Are Gone (William Butler Yeats) she uses the guitar like she's talking frolicsomely to a friend.’