Meaning of from A to B in English:

from A to B

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  • From one's starting point to one's destination.

    ‘most road atlases will get you from A to B’
    • ‘The drivers are not concentrating and just going from A to B to distribute the goods.’
    • ‘She said: ‘People will still be able to get from A to B - it may just take them that bit longer.’’
    • ‘We need to put all the other things to one side and get from A to B safely at the appropriate speed.’
    • ‘I wanted to show people how to get from A to B in your life.’
    • ‘You could go from A to B directly, walking fast, neglecting the scenery, or instead you could choose to take your time.’
    • ‘As well as finding you the best way from A to B, the operators can also provide an emergency and breakdown service.’
    • ‘How else would you get someone from A to B unless you've used an airplane?’
    • ‘Ask the ‘British Bobby’ for the nearest toilet or how to get from A to B, it is all part of his job.’
    • ‘It must also be rather boring and predictable sailing directly and single-mindedly from A to B to C.’
    • ‘People who need to travel from A to B will take an alternative route.’