Meaning of from above in English:

from above


  • 1From overhead.

    ‘branches rained from above’
    • ‘Yes, I water from the top, but they can live outdoors down here and rain falls from above.’
    • ‘His hands glowed a bloody red, and the rain from above strengthened and poured down.’
    • ‘He succeeds in getting it out, only to have many small boxes rain on him from above.’
    • ‘Craters appeared in her wake from the hail of bullets raining down on her from above.’
    • ‘As fire raged beneath, chunks of debris rained down from above.’
    • ‘She waited for the sky to open again, for the prey to rain from above.’
    • ‘The Cityboys formed a rough circle, ignoring the rain of lead that fell on them from above.’
    • ‘A rustling came from the leaves and branches of the tree, and a girl dropped from above.’
    • ‘Dust and rain came into the house from above as easily as bullets and tanks shells could penetrate the walls.’
    • ‘Fate however it seemed was on her side as a rumble of thunder growled down at everyone from above and large drops of rain began to fall.’
    1. 1.1From a position of higher rank or authority.
      ‘mass culture is imposed from above’
      • ‘What France needed was authority from above, confidence from below.’
      • ‘These schemes of working closer together are imposed from above, and are not what many grass-roots people want.’
      • ‘Nobody is seriously concerned about a conservative roll-back imposed from above.’
      • ‘The problem is that the modernisation was a Westernisation imposed from above.’
      • ‘It can't be imposed from above or from outside or from behind our backs.’
      • ‘In the first place, democracy cannot be imposed by military force from above.’
      • ‘We don't need any more ideologies imposed on us from above by intellectual thugs who think they are doing it for our own good.’
      • ‘Often the coup is undertaken to pre-empt revolutionary change from below and impose a measure of reform from above.’
      • ‘You could impose a lot of rules from above, which people would resent and look for ways to break.’
      • ‘The evidence points to him being under intense pressure from above to do something about the popular priest.’