Meaning of from all angles in English:

from all angles


  • From every direction or point of view.

    ‘they come shooting at us from all angles’
    • ‘Killian and Thomas Tallon were about to board Killian Dad's boat to view the Seagull II from all angles.’
    • ‘Experienced correspondents will not spout the other side's view, they will assess the story from all angles.’
    • ‘Plant to one side or the other, looking at the new tree from all angles to make sure it looks good from every direction.’
    • ‘He was summarily attacked from all angles, mostly by women.’
    • ‘Democrats, as a whole, love to be able to see things from all angles.’
    • ‘People can look at it from all angles and draw their own conclusions.’
    • ‘He studied the problem, considering it from all angles.’
    • ‘However, although this is fine when looking from the front I feel that the artist hasn't fully considered his creation from all angles.’
    • ‘There are good points to each side and we need more unbiased people that are willing to look at them from all angles.’
    • ‘They are three superb footballers, they can shoot on sight, score from all angles and we are really up against it.’