Meaning of from head to toe in English:

from head to toe


(also from head to foot)
  • All over one's body.

    ‘I was shaking from head to toe’
    • ‘We checked his body from head to toe, got him ready for the paramedics and then I took off and left.’
    • ‘When my friend went in to see the doctor, her body was swollen from head to toe.’
    • ‘Close your eyes, take a breath, exhale slowly, and scan your body from head to toe.’
    • ‘Warmth filled my body from head to toe and I finally understood what had been happening to me.’
    • ‘It has most definitely got the best album cover - a nude woman body painted from head to toe!’
    • ‘A shudder ran thorough his body from head to toe, and his breath fell out in a long sigh.’
    • ‘Despite the grief of losing her only son, she personally examined the body from head to foot and defied the funeral home about the arrangement to keep the casket closed.’
    • ‘I was shaking from head to toe when I heard what had happened and I couldn't get there quickly enough.’
    • ‘I was vaguely aware I was shaking from head to foot.’
    • ‘Every muscle in her body was tense and she was trembling from head to foot.’