Meaning of from nature in English:

from nature


  • (in art) using natural scenes or objects as models.

    ‘I wanted to paint landscape directly from nature’
    • ‘His manner has affinities with Impressionism but he seldom painted directly from nature.’
    • ‘He painted directly from nature, without access to the art collections of the capital, an important resource for painters.’
    • ‘The author has walked this terrain over a lifetime, and his gift for etching vivid scenes from nature is given ample play.’
    • ‘His paintings are expressions of inspirations from nature and his relationship to the landscape.’
    • ‘Chardin painted directly from nature, with little or no advance preparation.’
    • ‘The depicted subjects are taken from nature or from Japanese legends and history.’
    • ‘Dragons and forms from nature like leaves are often to be found on Japanese tuba.’
    • ‘He is by no means a copyist, but paints chiefly from nature, thinking rightly that he can do more faithful work by following this course.’
    • ‘Even a motif from nature was to be flattened and show no trace of shading, foreshortening, or perspective.’
    • ‘Claudia is a self-taught artist who developed a more realistic style by sketching from nature.’