Meaning of from nowhere in English:

from nowhere


(also out of nowhere)
  • Appearing or happening suddenly and unexpectedly.

    ‘they came from nowhere to win in the last three strokes of the race’
    • ‘Suddenly Burton appeared from nowhere by shoving Abbey out the way.’
    • ‘A niece had suddenly appeared from nowhere and said that it was a disgrace that her uncle had been neglected.’
    • ‘Such plant life seems to appear out of nowhere when the snow and ice recede.’
    • ‘Suddenly, out of nowhere, there were these localised waves of eight to 10 feet high.’
    • ‘They appear almost out of nowhere, cover the city, and mutate as they spread.’
    • ‘One day the lad was walking through the forest when a strange man appeared out of nowhere.’
    • ‘It is an illness which can just hit you out of nowhere and suddenly your energy is gone.’
    • ‘We felt rather unglamorous compared to the beautiful local girls who seemed to appear from nowhere at nightfall.’
    • ‘Every town has a few black spots where rubbish seems to appear from nowhere.’
    • ‘Some photographers appeared from nowhere and fired off a load of shots.’