Meaning of from overseas in English:

from overseas


  • From abroad.

    ‘We have good wire benders and thus headpieces are always done here, but some things come from overseas.’
    • ‘With its streamlined body and long legs, the Mudhol can beat any retriever or gundog from overseas.’
    • ‘It is believed some of the dentists are to be recruited from overseas, with an orthodontist due to arrive from New Zealand.’
    • ‘People from overseas would be appalled at the state of the place.’
    • ‘Maybe so, but a service of this kind, perhaps from overseas, is only a matter of time.’
    • ‘Recently, I've been doing a load of networking with people from overseas.’
    • ‘You can expect to travel yourself and also entertain visitors from overseas.’
    • ‘All his spare time goes towards reading police journals, including those from overseas.’
    • ‘Health system is being slowly rebuilt, often with much needed assistance from overseas.’
    • ‘We could also consider allowing more professionals from overseas who are willing to work here to do so.’