Meaning of from pillar to post in English:

from pillar to post

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  • From one place to another in an unceremonious or fruitless manner.

    ‘they were pushed from pillar to post from the moment they left their homes’
    • ‘Mrs Swaffield said: ‘It is so wrong that this old lady is being pushed around from pillar to post.’’
    • ‘Patients with mental health problems will no longer be pushed from pillar to post once a new resource centre has opened at Queensway House in Southend.’
    • ‘‘I feel very guilty even now about how David got pushed from pillar to post,’ said Linda.’
    • ‘She said the community was being pushed from pillar to post and the phone companies refused to meet with them.’
    • ‘They are pushed from pillar to post and suffer prejudice and misunderstanding.’
    • ‘The youths need somewhere to go because at the moment they are moved from pillar to post.’
    • ‘We know how frustrating it can be for business people to be passed from pillar to post when seeking information or support.’
    • ‘I have made complaints to the council and to local councillors but I seem to be getting passed from pillar to post.’
    • ‘We have been bounced from pillar to post over the past few weeks and this has caused a lot of distress for my family.’
    • ‘‘I've been passed from pillar to post, and still nothing has been done to sort it,’ said Bernie, 56, a member of the Thornbury Newlands community group.’
    from place to place, around, about, to and fro, hither and thither, back and forth, in all directions, from pillar to post