Meaning of from scratch in English:

from scratch

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  • From the very beginning, especially without making use of or relying on any previous work for assistance.

    ‘he built his own computer company from scratch’
    • ‘It is a direct reversal of the previous policy where SAS would build its own tools from scratch.’
    • ‘Erase everything on the computer's hard drive and start over from scratch.’
    • ‘This would give it a cheaper entry to the market, although it would have to start from scratch in building a customer base.’
    • ‘It takes three years for a farmer to develop a bamboo plantation from scratch.’
    • ‘They tested the time it took to mix a cake from a packet and from scratch and the home baked one took only 10 minutes longer.’
    • ‘The two of them wrote the show from scratch, ensured they got all the best lines and threw in deft ad-libs as required.’
    • ‘The idea is to start from scratch and make the best use of the site.’
    • ‘Mr Khan built up his company from scratch and now employs more than 20 people.’
    • ‘I have never had any general fight training, so each time I have to wield a weapon I start from scratch.’
    • ‘Native programmers are used to support or maintain current systems, not to produce new ones from scratch.’