Meaning of from strength in English:

from strength


  • From a secure or advantageous position.

    ‘it makes sense to negotiate from strength’
    • ‘The Soviet Union could now negotiate from strength.’
    • ‘The failure of the General Strike of 1926 underlined his belief that unions should negotiate from strength.’
    • ‘He negotiated from strength with the Portuguese and was elected the first president of Mozambique in 1975.’
    • ‘He was anxious to keep the southern states together, and to negotiate from strength.’
    • ‘But with the 2003 World Cup a barely disguised target, Oliver insisted New Zealand were building from strength.’
    • ‘This suggests that the selectors will look at different players before picking from strength and targeting the second Test against Australia at Hampden.’
    • ‘Gateshead have highly-rated hooker Scott Collins and half-back Mike Hobbs back as Thomas selects from strength.’
    • ‘Although Leigh picked up a crop of injuries in their semi-final win over Hull KR, they expect to pick from strength.’
    • ‘The team is dealing from strength because it already has possible replacements Brad Badger, Langston Walker, Chad Slaughter and Darryl Ashmore.’
    • ‘They'll now turn their attention toward the rotation… the team might deal from strength to bolster team depth.’