Meaning of from the first in English:

from the first

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(also from the very first)
  • From the beginning.

    ‘he should have realized it from the first’
    • ‘It is true to say that, from the first, the country's attitude to Europe has been ambivalent.’
    • ‘No wonder I'd felt connected to Antonio from the very first.’
    • ‘Siegfried, his head grader driver, ran one crew while Steve, who'd been with him from the very first, oversaw the other.’
    • ‘I know that that is what God had intended from the very first.’
    • ‘The central problems of the Empire, present from the very first, were revealed plainly in the crisis.’
    • ‘It was a genius that Bolzano saw from the very first.’
    • ‘When we notice the geese afresh we realize, as Ma Tsu says, they've been there from the very first.’
    • ‘She was headstrong and determined to have her way from the very first.’
    • ‘He had been an easy delivery and Erin loved her little boy from the very first.’
    • ‘They were encouraged from the first to be scrupulous in their use of various powers.’
    the beginning, the very beginning, the start, the outset, the commencement