Meaning of frondescence in English:


Pronunciation /frɒnˈdɛs(ə)ns/


mass noun rare
  • Green foliage; greenery.

    ‘The oak and beech have as yet hardly any appearance of frondescence.’
    • ‘Plants exhibit as much diversity in the warmth and length of time necessary to mature their fruit as in their frondescence and flowering.’
    • ‘Gregor listened to Nature's breath whispering through the frondescence and to his own breath entering and leaving his body.’
    • ‘They continued their journey under the frondescence of the mountain forests.’
    • ‘This sudden lush frondescence was springing up at the rate of an inch a day at least.’
    foliage, vegetation, plants, green, leaves, leafage, undergrowth, plant life, flora


Mid 19th century from modern Latin frondescentia, from Latin frondescere frequentative of frondere ‘send out leaves’, from frons, frond- ‘leaf’.