Meaning of frons in English:


Pronunciation /frɒnz/

nounplural noun frontes/ˈfrɒntiːz/

  • The forehead or equivalent part of an animal, especially the middle part of an insect's face between the eyes and above the clypeus.

    ‘In P, another clone has been magnified, showing ectopic ocelli and bristles in the frons.’
    • ‘Body size was assessed using two measures: body length from the frons to the end of the abdomen (in millimeters), and the combined lengths of the hind tibia and tarsus leg segments (in millimeters).’
    • ‘Saccà recognized three forms - calleva, vicina, and nebulo - as constituents of a geographic cline of M. d. sensu stricto, based on the ratio of frons to head width of males and on abdominal coloration.’
    • ‘There remain the frons the post-ocular patch, the pronotum, the hind femora and the abdominal tergites.’
    brow, temple


Mid 19th century from Latin, ‘front, forehead’.