Meaning of front-end loader in English:

front-end loader



  • 1North American A machine with a scoop or bucket on an articulated arm at the front for digging and loading earth.

    ‘The father in this case was driving a tractor on the highway, with his 3-year-old in a bucket of the front-end loader.’
    • ‘I started with an old bucket from a front-end loader and removed the teeth and the grapple fork.’
    • ‘CCC's number-one maintenance problem is wear on the buckets of its front-end loaders - especially on the leading edge of the bucket just beyond where the blade is bolted to the bucket.’
    • ‘However, we often remove the snow using a large push broom and clear along the sides if necessary with shovels or a front-end loader, mostly to get light to the plants inside faster.’
    • ‘Each end of the beam was raised and lowered by two Caterpillar front-end loaders, thereby twisting the load and trailer frame.’
    • ‘With assistance from local contractors and the hire of local plant equipment - including bulldozers, front-end loaders, backhoes and bobcats - the ground was prepared for the 36m-long shelter.’
    • ‘When they reached the area where giant cranes, backhoes and front-end loaders continue pulling out the fallen girders and debris from beneath the skeletal shell of the high-rise buildings, the police formed another skirmish line.’
    • ‘The 62-acre patch of land is swarming with cement trucks, forklifts, and front-end loaders that lurch forward without warning.’
    • ‘Hay, corn, and other feed are chopped, then dumped and hauled in and out with front-end loaders.’
    • ‘Otherwise it might be too wet to use a front-end loader or a dozer.’
    • ‘If the project calls for excavating much more ground than filling - necessitating hauling the excess off-site - articulated trucks are better because they stack the soil so the highway dump trucks can be loaded out with a front-end loader.’
    • ‘What I saw next was also shocking: a large front-end loader and 100 firemen were removing debris from the sidewalk between the plaza staircase and Church Street.’
    • ‘The council currently needs 24 garbage collection trucks, two bull dozers, a front-end loader and two graders in addition to some 10,000 dust bins for residential areas.’
    • ‘‘That's a great job for teaching teenagers how to use a front-end loader,’ observes Jeff of the latter method.’
    • ‘After time, the entire runway began sinking to the point where a front-end loader had to follow the graders to pick up the spoil and throw it over the growing berm along the side.’
    • ‘The units were six deep to a side, with enough space between each unit for a front-end loader to barely squeeze between.’
    • ‘We tired of handling rocks twice when our front-end loader was not available to pick up occasional rocks.’
    • ‘If a guy is operating a front-end loader and he can slow down a little bit, sometimes that's enough to help.’
    • ‘Roughly speaking, such a feat is akin to picking up a solitary dime with a clumsy front-end loader.’
    • ‘At the time of the incident, the front-end loader was operating with broken front and rear lights.’
    1. 1.1A hydraulic bucket or scoop that fits on to the front of a tractor.
      ‘Transfer manure and load the storage with a tractor-mounted front-end loader, elevator stacker, and solid piston pump.’
      • ‘We mounted an extra L-shape bar to the arm of our front-end loader on our tractor.’
      • ‘Large-jawed and rich, they grew up with silver spoons in their mouths the size of front-end loaders.’
      • ‘The Small Emplacement Excavator is an all-purpose, wheeled engineer vehicle that can be configured with a variety of interchangeable tools like a backhoe and a front-end loader.’