Meaning of front-line state in English:

front-line state


  • A country that borders on an area troubled by a war or other crisis.

    ‘a front-line state in the conflict region’
    • ‘Elite troops were on their way to the front-line state yesterday.’
    • ‘This is a turning point, and the kind of cooperation and support that we now can expect from front-line states, from allies, from erstwhile adversaries, I think, is far greater than anything we've seen before.’
    • ‘My country was the front-line state even 20 years ago.’
    • ‘He has yet to persuade the leaders of the key front-line states that his journeys offer more than cosmetic change.’
    • ‘We very much have to go in and make sure that the earmarked 250 million euro as support have to be channeled into those front-line states and really get there.’
    • ‘Countries such as the United States have generally supported the front-line states with critical funding.’
    • ‘The leaders of front-line states Italy and Greece will also be involved’
    • ‘Under the proposal, front-line states face increased 'responsibility' to register arrivals.’
    • ‘Governors of front-line states had been making interventions with security institutions.’