Meaning of front cover in English:

front cover


  • The front part of the cover of a book, magazine, etc.

    ‘this picture was on the front cover of Life magazine in September 1940’
    • ‘the front cover of his fourth studio album’
    • ‘For some reason, covers with just the man on the front cover tend to sell more than a featured couple.’
    • ‘I was amused by the choice of image on the front cover of your October issue.’
    • ‘The magazine's front covers depicted a range of provocative images, many of which would today be deemed unprintable.’
    • ‘Even the spine of this book is interesting and dynamic, and is different from the front cover but adds a harmonious accent.’
    • ‘But I was disappointed that no black artist was featured on the front cover in February.’
    • ‘An extraordinary picture composed of broken shards of glass and mixed media in oil adorns the front cover of Smith's third novel.’
    • ‘The Atlantic Monthly ran a front cover story and then state senator Tom Hayden held hearings in Sacramento.’
    • ‘The inside front cover of the city-guide carries a map of Delhi.’
    • ‘The lead article of the first issue was on dreams; the front cover photographs were by Man Ray and the back cover was an advertisement for the first Surrealist manifesto.’
    • ‘If this lot were American, we'd put them on the front cover every week rather than simply write them off as being yet another Brit metal band.’