Meaning of front end in English:

front end


  • 1The front of a car or other vehicle.

    • ‘For example, in the offset test, heavy vehicles need to have a stiff front end to pass.’
    • ‘In situations where you would expect understeer on street tyres, the sticky rubber endows the front end with amazing grip.’
    • ‘Just try not to push the front end too much or load the front tyre beyond its limit.’
    • ‘The transaction processing engine has a graphical front-end where users can sketch transaction workflows to connected answer resources.’
    • ‘That entire front end could be carried over onto an SUV.’
    • ‘The front end of this car is overrun with styling features, the most awkward being the integrated wing.’
    • ‘I had visions of him crammed up at the car's front end from the impact, sealed into place by the fury of the rushing water.’
    • ‘When the front tires lose traction before the rear tires, resulting in the front end wanting to swing toward the wall.’
    • ‘A good example is the way the team pulled together at Talladega after the car's front end was damaged.’
    • ‘Compared to most open-wheel rides, stock cars are heavy and have virtually no give on their front ends.’
    • ‘The single seat is very low while the front end is stretched out chopper style.’
    • ‘Ultimately, the front end of a downhill rig would have to be raised too, something which goes against the grain of the preference of most riders.’
    • ‘Since the front end is sliding, it is slowing you down too and acting like front brakes.’
    • ‘It's got a lot of grip, but it's hard to get the front end to stop pushing.’
    • ‘The smaller panel van, once called the 200 and based on the old Freight Rover Sherpa, the Pilot sports a new front end and a new name.’
    • ‘His slippery Swamp Rat XXX featured an enclosed cockpit and enclosed front end over small 14-inch stainless-steel wheels shod with high-speed generator fan belts as tires.’
    • ‘Designed with a low center of gravity and a heavy-duty front end, National Mower's 8400 hydrostatic triplex mower tackles hills, slopes, banks and edging.’
    • ‘The car tends to want to lift the front end there and push out toward the wail.’
    • ‘It was cold blooded, had a heavy front end in low speed parking situations and more parts to clean.’
    • ‘As the overgrown man-child Adam, he won hearts with his pursuit of Helen through six series until her brutal connection with the front end of a truck.’
    tip, nose cone
  • 2The part of a radio or television receiver to which the aerial signal goes first.

    • ‘Mobile radios are designed to be very wideband, especially in the front end.’
    • ‘Apollo Telescope Mount front end at the moment of film retrieval by astronaut.’
    • ‘For instance, filtering techniques in an RF front-end mitigate out-of-band jamming from the unit's LCD screen or other radios.’
    • ‘You need a complicated radio frequency front end?’
  • 3Computing
    The part of a computer system or application with which the user interacts directly.

    ‘designers tend always to work on the front end’
    • ‘One area where most codec makers have fallen short is in providing useful software front-ends for tweaking audio.’
    • ‘The software supports multiple front-ends, including a standard GPS L1 front-end providing IF samples with a resolution of 1, 2, or 4 bits per sample over a USB2.0 interface in real time.’
    • ‘The Desktop Linux Consortium includes a number of firms involved with crafting desktop Linux distributions and front-ends.’
    • ‘This basically sounds like they're announcing support for WAP or simple HTML front-ends to PVRs that can be controlled via the web.’
    • ‘These environments tend to present large amounts of static information on the front-end, since these models benefit the most from file-based serving.’


  • 1(of money) paid or charged at the beginning of a transaction.

    ‘a front-end fee’
    • ‘I hope that the Minister's doubts can be resolved in favour of boosting private savings by front-end tax incentives.’
    • ‘Financial Engineering Network charges a front-end fee of €4,950 to establish the fund from start to finish.’
    • ‘Even without the high front-end payments, many policyholders faced unknown and potentially high copayments.’
    • ‘This is because, firstly, the front-end fees are amortized over a longer period.’
    • ‘Investors who do not have the funds to reach a breakpoint before the deadline indicated by a letter of intent will have to pay regular front-end fees.’
    • ‘‘This has been a large front-end expenditure for us before we even see a dime of revenues from the settlement,’ he says.’
    • ‘As with any high-end software product, you'll end up with a lemon if you don't come up with new customers to pay those hefty front-end fees.’
    • ‘These corrections also generate front-end savings.’
    • ‘But those returns don't take into account taxes or front-end sales charges.’
    • ‘Tertiary students deserve front-end assistance - a universal living allowance should be put in place and made available to all fulltime tertiary students.’
    • ‘It provides for a front-end justification as well as a focus and integration for the continuous improvement, re-engineering and transformation process.’
    • ‘There are front-end changes which are real but gentle.’
    • ‘The fund lost 8.4 percent a year, on average, for the three years through March, adjusted for its 5.5 percent front-end sales load, or sales charge.’
    • ‘All of the government, environmental, and recycling stakeholders agree we need a front-end financing system, where the recycling fee is built into the purchase price.’
    • ‘While an increasing number of lenders include association fees in the front-end ratio, it pays to remember that these fees are likely to increase over time.’
    • ‘Although shrinkage affects most of retail, drugstores are seen as particularly vulnerable because of the large proportion of higher-margin front-end merchandise they carry.’
    • ‘I believe we should do that by providing a front-end incentive, which would be a tax rebate on the first $2,000 saved by a person each year.’
    • ‘Learn to look at the back-end price of obtaining usable data and/or delivering a quality message rather than the front-end, per call price.’
    • ‘He was running 5% of front-end sales of items such as shampoo and toothpaste.’
  • 2Computing
    Relating to or denoting the part of a computer system or application with which the user interacts directly.

    • ‘Sane software comes in two parts: the back-end driver software and the front-end user interfaces.’
    • ‘The front-end tool he chose was Wylib, which he had coded.’
    • ‘Because this approach does not require a front-end switch, it's easier to scale through a single set of trunk interfaces.’
    • ‘Common business service projects where multiple front-end systems need to access multiple back-end systems are very common.’
    • ‘The user-friendly screen has been developed, using Visual Basic as the front-end tool and the robust Oracle for the back end for storing details.’