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front runner


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  • 1The contestant that is leading in a race or other competition.

    ‘the front runner for the Nobel Prize in literature’
    • ‘The former governor of a New England state is emerging as the Democrats front runner in the US presidential election race.’
    • ‘He is the front-runner and I think he will continue to be the front runner until the other candidates get its message together and pull the staff together.’
    • ‘He raced behind the two front runners early before assuming command 150 yards from the finish line and drawing clear by two lengths.’
    • ‘By now the juniors, who started later, had caught up with and were passing adult stragglers; another hazard to contend with and not easy for competitive front runners.’
    • ‘The 23-year-old said: ‘There is nothing worse than being in a race and not being able to mix it with the front runners.’’
    • ‘Administrators running City said the consortium of local businesses who yesterday withdrew from the race to salvage the Minstermen were not among the front runners of interested parties.’
    • ‘This was the only race of the day where the front runner did not control the race.’
    • ‘This category has frequently presented the biggest upset, and the front runner in most cases rarely wins.’
    • ‘In last Sunday's article about the new elite director of Scottish rugby we listed a number of candidates but mysteriously omitted to mention the front runner for the post.’
    • ‘Are there analogous reasons for some open source software projects to drop out of a race, endorse a front runner, and help with its campaign?’
    • ‘But in any case, we have what it takes to be right among the front runners.’
    • ‘In the solo category, a second consecutive day of temperatures reaching 110F caused difficulties for some riders, yet the punishing heat did not seem to affect the pace of the front runners.’
    • ‘I thought it might be hard to get near to the front runners from that far back on the grid, but I didn't expect something like this on the first lap.’
    • ‘We were running much faster than the front runners, and at that time we had a very good chance to win the race, then the right rear came off and that was the end of that.’
    • ‘He's always up there amongst the front runners and is as cool and calm as you'd want a jockey to be.’
    • ‘Everyone's saying the car is going to be one of the front runners, it's going to be well up there…’
    • ‘Others scored well but could not touch the front runners.’
    • ‘Most of the pack came in within 5-7 minutes of the front runners.’
    • ‘The three front runners each won three key awards.’
    • ‘The peloton continues to make small inroads into the breakaway group's lead, but they seem content to allow the front runners to set the pace.’
    expected winner, probable winner, front runner
    1. 1.1An athlete or horse that runs best when in the front of the field.
      • ‘‘The strong headwind did not help a front runner, it was a killer but he has run a great race,’ he said.’