Meaning of frontier post in English:

frontier post


  • An official place for crossing the border between two countries or areas.

    ‘the national police and the paramilitary civil guard carry out security checks at frontier posts’
    • ‘Long lines of packed cars were backed up at the frontier post, witnesses said.’
    • ‘Even as wars raged on the main South American continent over God, gold and glory, the Spanish guarded this little frontier post doggedly.’
    • ‘He received a Regular Army commission as lieutenant in 1886 and over the next several years served in several frontier posts.’
    • ‘Until the 1890s, the black regiments served almost entirely at remote western frontier posts.’
    • ‘Until the turn of the nineteenth century, visitors described frontier posts as dirty, dusty, and remote.’
    • ‘Fort Winnebago, like all the American frontier posts, is an exceedingly neat place.’
    • ‘The Wanted posters blazed on the walls of every police station, railway station, airport or frontier post.’
    • ‘It was not unusual for men to become thoroughly proficient as an infantry, cavalry, or deck officer and then languish in some isolated frontier post.’
    • ‘Three months later I had to leave through a different frontier post.’
    • ‘We're at a Pakistani army frontier post.’