Meaning of frontierswoman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfrʌntɪəzˌwʊmən/

nounplural noun frontierswomen

  • A woman living in the region of a frontier, especially that between settled and unsettled country.

    ‘a frontierswoman who can shoot, scuffle, and spin tall tales’
    • ‘Calamity's an uncouth, sarsaparilla-swilling, gun-slinging frontierswoman who can shoot, scuffle, and spin tall tales as well as any man alive.’
    • ‘She was a seven-foot-tall, 480-pound frontierswoman from the Utah Territory who could shoot and drink like a man and bend nails with her tongue.’
    • ‘The goal is to portray the lives of real frontierswomen and challenge the legitimacy of the colorful but inauthentic typologies of them.’
    • ‘You can have your famous women of history: gun-slinging Western gals, frontierswomen, and female pilots.’
    • ‘Violence is part of our history and culture, too, and frontierswomen who valued their property weren't simply its victims; they were often complicit.’
    • ‘An emaciated John Carradine plays a Dracula who travels West seeking to suck the blood of innocent frontierswomen.’
    • ‘As a college student, she learned that Hispanic women were early settlers and frontierswomen, landowners who could hold property separately from their husbands under Spanish-Mexican law, long before the society matrons on the East Coast had that right.’
    • ‘Set in 1885 New Mexico, the movie centers on Maggie, a frontierswoman and mother of two who also doubles as a ‘healer,’ helping locals who are suffering from toothaches and other simple maladies with homemade remedies.’
    • ‘Encountering the lost language of the frontiersmen and frontierswomen (for they were different) shines a bright light on a dark corner of the past.’