Meaning of frost stat in English:

frost stat


  • A thermostat used to turn on a heating system automatically when the ambient temperature drops below a set threshold.

    ‘Perhaps a pipe stat on the return would shut the frost stat down once the return water is warm.’
    • ‘Typically on systems with external frost stats the norm would be to set these at between 1 and 4 degrees C.’
    • ‘Using a frost stat means that if you have a mild day, the tubes aren't running needlessly and this saves electricity.’
    • ‘The control panels have adjustable temperature control, frost stats, economy and sleep modes plus other features.’
    • ‘On the frost stat setting it does keeps the damp out and cold out very effectively, enough so to keep the bike clothing out there too.’
    • ‘You probably have a separate frost stat somewhere or there is one built into the boiler which is cutting in to protect the system because of the low night time temp lately.’
    • ‘The programmer is off, the cylinder stat is satisfied and their is no frost stat and yet the boiler just keeps firing away at odd times.’
    • ‘The pipe stat is connected in series to the frost stat so that when the return is at about 20 deg C the boiler turns off.’
    • ‘I'll pull the frost stat apart and turn it down as much as possible.’
    • ‘It can completely replace all existing time clocks, optimisers, frost stats etc., with all the required control functionality housed in one low cost controller.’
    • ‘They incorporate the frost stat, full thermostat control, complete with wall mounting bracket.’
    • ‘Sounds to me like your frost stat may be kicking in as the weather has been cold and your garage probably un-heated.’
    • ‘On these frost stats you normally insert a small screwdriver under the round plastic cover to lever it off and underneath a similar dial to the room stat will be found but with lower temperatures on it.’