Meaning of frosted in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfrɒstɪd/


  • 1Covered with or as if with frost.

    ‘I stood looking out on the frosted garden’
    • ‘At the moment the sky is blue with sun shining on the frosted garden and everything, even the deadest stems of last year's perennials, looks good enough to have a place in the winter garden.’
    • ‘My pulmonarias have been lovely this year, clumps of frosted leaves and pink and lilac flowers throughout the garden hiding the dying foliage of snowdrops and mingling with forget-me-nots.’
    • ‘At the summit of Cairn Gorm, a bitter northerly wind with 40 mph gusts drove us into the lee of a frosted weather station.’
    • ‘Walking uptown through the frosted streets last Thursday I felt a smug satisfaction with the city and the way that familiar sights seemed transformed by the snow.’
    • ‘It bounds over the frosted grass, weaves through the giant lobelia.’
    • ‘On both sides of the valley, frosted mountains, formerly hidden by curtains of mist, rise sharply into a cold blue sky.’
    • ‘A majestic multi-stemmed hornbeam stands before us and, crunching through frosted leaves, we come to the River Walk.’
    • ‘The fall to the water's edge is now a steep series of frosted steps.’
    • ‘Choose a dry day for planting the bulbs and avoid putting them into frosted or water-logged soil.’
    • ‘Then a mound of frosted large leaves is formed which will last all summer.’
    • ‘The glaring sun has at last curved above the frosted pines fringing the small city of Whitehorse.’
    • ‘The name implies that deer once roamed free in the frosted area which once surrounded the village.’
    • ‘The ten-foot canvas shows a mass of twisted, bare trees, dark shades against a golden sunset, arranged around a rocky, frosted clearing.’
    • ‘With tremors quaking my body, I climb out of the tree, the tight, leather foot-wrappings squeezing my toes together and providing little, if any, comfort, except to keep my feet off the frosted forest floor.’
    • ‘I peeled away frosted socks from frosted boots and walked out to the lakeside.’
    1. 1.1(of glass or a window) having a translucent textured surface so that it is difficult to see through.
      ‘there was frosted glass on the office door’
      • ‘it has a modest kitchen, sitting room, and frosted windows’
      • ‘Drawing the front windows' curtains for a bit, I took notice of three tall dark shadows that I cannot make out due to the frosted glass of our window.’
      • ‘With arguably the best views in Italy, Harry's famously installed frosted glass windows.’
      • ‘She opened the frosted glass window, letting in a billow of sticky air, and caught a glimpse of the embassy's manicured garden.’
      • ‘The small, frosted glass window didn't allow him to see much, but he knew exactly who it was from the smooth outline of the perfectly positioned hair.’
      • ‘All the liveliness of the evening had been replaced by lonely silence, as soft and still as the darkness seeping through the frosted glass windows.’
      • ‘The door was pale wood with a large, frosted glass window set into it.’
      • ‘From what could be told from the very dirty frosted glass windows, it is dark outside.’
      • ‘The main bathroom has a bath with shower attachment, and is very bright due to a frosted glass window.’
      • ‘Sure enough, a frosted glass window mounted in a door facing me marked the entrance to the first of three rooms on this floor.’
      • ‘The windows are shaded by frosted glass and darkness.’
      • ‘The windows will be frosted glass and there will be no balconies.’
      • ‘She saw a girl with messy blonde hair sitting on the ledge beneath the frosted glass window, sobbing.’
      • ‘Emily threw the cover off onto the coffee table and spotted an open copy of the Herald spread across the frosted glass surface.’
      • ‘High on the wall behind him was a window of small panes of frosted glass which looked like those skylights which separate a basement from the street.’
      • ‘He glares at the small window nearby, unable to see through its frosted glass pane.’
      • ‘In the shop windows that line it, screens of frosted glass provide a backdrop for mannequins.’
      • ‘In the building itself, Irwin has inserted four clear glass panels into the structure's many large, multi-paned frosted windows.’
      • ‘It tipped over backwards and smashed a frosted window to pieces, one of which glass splinters landed near me.’
      • ‘The noon sun sticks against the frosted window pane.’
      • ‘As we melted into the night I bet there were more than a few children who will never look at frosted window panes in quite the same way again.’
  • 2mainly North American (of food) decorated or dusted with icing or sugar.

    ‘a dessert of frosted redcurrants’
    • ‘sugar-frosted almonds’
    • ‘And really, the first few bites of peanut brittle, frosted cookies, etc., are always the best.’
    • ‘The maid was carrying a lovely frosted cake, with pink and white decorations all over it.’
    • ‘The black and white cookie is, in fact, not a cookie but a flat, thinly frosted cake, like someone has sat on a cupcake.’
    • ‘She held her red frosted cake on a plate in her hands.’
    • ‘Then there's the Cookie Cup, a frosted cookie in a cupcake shape for 400 + calories.’
    • ‘He asked polite questions for a few minutes until his faithful steward Bertram brought tea and frosted cakes.’
    • ‘Two more teenagers pushed a creaking wheeled cart supporting a huge frosted cake through the doors.’
    • ‘Suggest guests bring a box to take frosted cookies home in rather than providing them yourself.’
    • ‘After the meal was over, Vera dimmed the lights, and carried a beautiful pink frosted cake, bearing sixteen lit candles.’
    • ‘I just had a really intense craving for frosted brown sugar cinnamon Pop-Tarts.’
    • ‘Save some room for dessert: homemade warm, frosted cinnamon buns and chocolate-chip cookies.’
    • ‘Clearly he had more on his agenda this day than cuffing the huge blue-and-white frosted sheet cake that's been baked to celebrate the store's grand opening.’
    • ‘A slice of cheesecake (which can have a day's worth of saturated fat) is better than frosted yellow cake, the article claimed, because it has less trans fat.’
    • ‘At about 5: 30 an announcement came that the lounge would soon close so I went to get breakfast of frosted flakes and some milk.’
    • ‘She grabbed the frosted shredded wheat cereal and her soymilk.’
    • ‘I popped the last bit of chocolate frosted doughnut adorned with pink and white sprinkles into my mouth, savoring the sugar.’
    • ‘He huffed a puff of flame and melted each of the frosted ice cream cones.’
    • ‘It was trim and white and looked like a square of frosted sheet cake.’
    • ‘Aron reached in and grabbed a newly frosted cupcake.’
    • ‘If you come across something really good at a buffet table, like frosted Christmas cookies in the shape and size of Santa, position yourself near them and don't budge.’
  • 3(of lipstick, eyeshadow, or nail varnish) having a pale, pearlescent sheen.

    ‘pink frosted lipstick’
    • ‘Use a soft gloss or lip colour instead and try to avoid anything that is super-shiny or frosted - if in doubt, add more glitter!’
    • ‘The singer has been signed up to front an advertising campaign for a new "frosted rose and gold shimmer" lipstick.’
    • ‘She even persuaded me into painting my toenails a light frosted pink color.’
    • ‘You need the Colour Surge Lipstick in Real Pink, a frosted shade.’
    • ‘If you are trying to make your eyes look bigger go for a white liner and just say no to frosted shadow.’
    • ‘Here are 10 iconic looks from 90s movies: get ready for crop tops and a lot of frosted makeup.’
    • ‘But really though, skinny arched eyebrows and frosted eyeshadow?’
    • ‘Wear the subtly frosted peach on the inner corners of the eyes to brighten, or on the lids for a light makeup look.’
    1. 3.1mainly US (of hair) having isolated light-coloured tints.
      ‘brown hair with frosted tips’
      • ‘He's pointing at a kid - maybe 18 or 19-with frosted hair, baggy white shorts and a diamond stud in his ear.’
      • ‘Joyce had the frosted hair, Barbara the lightning bolt.’
      • ‘She was small and plump with frosted hair and dark beady eyes.’
      • ‘When I got home, an elegant woman, with frosted hair and dressed in Armani, sat stiffly on our couch.’
      • ‘Not soon enough, the San Francisco money started to abate, and though it was lots of fun to have tinfoil in my frosted hair, I had to cut my own one day because I couldn't get an appointment.’
      • ‘Andre could pull off the frosted feathered hair, neon colored shirt audacious thing for one reason and one reason only: IT WAS THE EIGHTIES.’
      • ‘I have never had frosted highlights or artificial hair embellishments of any kind.’
      • ‘The only real problem is Peter Pan himself, played by a smirky young American with frosted tips.’