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Pronunciation /ˈfrɒsti/

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adjectiveadjective frostier, adjective frostiest

  • 1(of the weather) very cold, with frost forming on surfaces.

    ‘a cold and frosty morning’
    • ‘Despite the frosty weather, early morning shoppers queued in their hundreds to bag the best deals.’
    • ‘The cold frosty weather, coupled with the total lack of rain over the previous months, is creating some problems for our local Brigades.’
    • ‘There is some outstanding sowing to be down but the spell of cold, frosty weather we've been experiencing is set to remain with us for a few days yet, so the parsnips and spring onions will have to wait awhile.’
    • ‘Not many flowers are designed specifically to withstand cold and frosty weather.’
    • ‘Leave planting or moving evergreen specimens until spring and delay all planting until then if the weather turns frosty or if the soil becomes cold and waterlogged.’
    • ‘Spring is beginning to make its long awaited appearance even if the weather has been bitterly cold and frosty of late.’
    • ‘For as glorious an image as that presents, I can only guess how cold that ride must have been on frosty Hill Country mornings.’
    • ‘Talk hunting, and everyone starts thinking about frosty mornings and clear, cold nights in hunting camp.’
    • ‘If you get good weather, cold and clear and frosty, it's one of the best times to be walking.’
    • ‘This caused problems for drivers in the Birmingham area last winter, where there was a spate of thefts after owners had left their vehicles running with the keys in for a few minutes to warm up on frosty mornings.’
    • ‘I decided on a stew with a lot of red wine, adding some of the rosemary and sage that has survived the first frosty nights outside, and a couple of pears that were sitting in my kitchen.’
    • ‘The frosty morning also brings out patterns in our landscapes.’
    • ‘It's been frosty in the morning here for the last few days.’
    • ‘His laughter was like icicles or the wind on a cold frosty day.’
    • ‘Sorry about the typing, combination of a damaged thumb and a frosty morning.’
    • ‘Elsewhere without adequate insulation there have been condensation problems in frosty weather.’
    • ‘Holes in the canopy had left the roosting insects prey to the frosty nights.’
    • ‘The weather was starting to get a bit frosty and I rolled my window up to keep the chill out.’
    • ‘Red leaves mark walls and trees all around Dublin as frosty mornings have become the norm.’
    • ‘I still own a bleach-stained T-shirt that is so stretched it could cover a stretched limousine on a frosty night.’
    freezing, frigid, glacial, arctic, wintry, bitter, bitterly cold, cold, ice-cold, icy-cold, cool, chilly, crisp, bleak
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    1. 1.1Covered with or as if with frost.
      ‘the dog crouched in the frosty grass’
      • ‘Trouble is, the thickness of the frosty mantle covering the Arctic Ocean has diminished by about 40 percent in the last four decades.’
      • ‘There is something very peaceful and satisfying about the sound of their quiet munching and the noise of their feet on frosty grass.’
      • ‘It's tough flying when the beak is frozen and tough scavenging for white bread on frosty grass.’
      • ‘Her feet crunched the frosty grass as she slowly made her way to the weapon.’
      • ‘The sun was a pale circle in the white sky, glinting dully on the frosty grass.’
      • ‘Sylvia pulled the door closed after her as she stepped out onto the frosty grass in the garden.’
      • ‘The gloomy gray clouds passed over the sun and a enormous shadow stretched across the frosty grass.’
      • ‘His feet crunched softly on the hard, frosty grass as he listened for anything that could be a threat.’
      • ‘He went on to ask motorists to continue to be vigilant on the roads over the winter, particularly if the conditions deteriorate and roads become frosty or slippery.’
      • ‘The chill of the air outside nearly stunned her as she dragged her feet through the frosty grass.’
      • ‘I rested my arms on the concrete window sill and stared out beautiful cold frosty landscape.’
      • ‘Well, the well cold Red Stripes were enjoyed from the frosty mugs.’
      • ‘Okay, that'll be a pitcher of Bud Light and four frosty mugs.’
      • ‘This was not the ideal time to fish the lakes as it had turned very cold and we were greeted with a white frosty lawn every morning.’
      • ‘He ran so they could chase him, leaving four dark swathes across the frosty surface.’
      • ‘Hockey pucks ranging from black to orange to white were scattered across the now greatly dented frosty surface.’
      • ‘She put her hands back onto the frosty, reflective surface.’
      • ‘Police said on Sunday that the frosty road surface may have caused him to lose control of the car.’
  • 2Cold and unfriendly in manner.

    ‘Sebastian gave her a frosty look’
    • ‘Government ministers face a frosty reception at this year's Special Olympics following cutbacks in promised funding for physical and sensory disability services.’
    • ‘He has already experienced that sting: when he approached Montreal's Telefilm office, his application for funding was met with a frosty reception.’
    • ‘When it was launched, 21 years ago, the pound coin received a frosty reception from a sceptical public, reluctant to give up the much-loved folding note it was to replace.’
    • ‘‘When the politicians come and knock on these people's doors they are going to get a frosty reception,’ he said.’
    • ‘But they have received a frosty reception from neighbours who say they will fight tooth and nail to stop them from getting planning permission to convert the house.’
    • ‘The conference delegates, who had been expected to give him a frosty reception, rose as one in a burst of applause that was sustained until the Prime Minister left the podium.’
    • ‘I'm tempted to wreak a terrible revenge by… um… tutting a bit and behaving in a generally frosty manner whenever I walk past the flat of those responsible.’
    • ‘He spoke up quietly, his words dripping with frosty disdain.’
    • ‘Both men looked away from the steady gaze, unable to meet the frosty, hard look in those grey eyes.’
    • ‘When she could see nothing in them but frosty hostility, he turned and left silently, her hair still gripped firmly in his hands.’
    • ‘I waited, heart pounding hard, trying to keep the frosty professional exterior.’
    • ‘Some warmed to its kooky charms while others gave it a frosty reception.’
    • ‘If you arrive late, you don't want a frosty reception in the bar.’
    • ‘I gave him and frosty glare and pulled my arm out of his hold.’
    • ‘Natasha had finally halted her cheering and shot Seth a frosty glare.’
    • ‘Gaston's voice was rather frosty, but nobody noticed except for Alex.’
    • ‘While mourning in a rather frosty manner, Laura discovers a man living in her home.’
    • ‘Relations between the media and the judge became increasingly frosty.’
    • ‘Louis was listening to the man's bragging, his manner growing increasingly frosty, and Beth appeared excruciatingly uncomfortable.’
    • ‘In reality, relations have been a bit frosty.’
    unfriendly, unsympathetic, inhospitable, unwelcoming, forbidding, hostile, disdainful, haughty, stony, stern, hard, fierce
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