Meaning of frothily in English:



See frothy

‘But more often than not, the name's utility is dampened by the fact that there are thousands feeding frothily at this frenzy.’
  • ‘But as frothily entertaining as this caper is, it's unlikely to prove as popular with grown-ups as "Shrek" and the "Toy Story" movies.’
  • ‘The film goes so far as to raise some interesting questions - questions about commitment and sexual identity - but it frothily refrains from any attempt to probe the questions it raises.’
  • ‘We were promptly brought our starter: more manageable invertebrates, this time - briny oysters in frothily light pea foam, tasting as fresh as a salty sea breeze.’
  • ‘Jackets contained ruffles frothily overdone, models paraded down the runway in $3,835 shoes that contained meteorite stones, and some models wore tank tops that had pearls.’