Meaning of Froude number in English:

Froude number

Pronunciation /ˈfraʊd/


  • A dimensionless number used in hydrodynamics to indicate how well a particular model works in relation to a real system.

    ‘To this day, Froude numbers are used in boat design, and if you look at any boat-built-to-go-fast, from the racing shell to an America's Cup yacht, they all have the same long, sleek shape.’’
    • ‘In that article I talked about ratios of length, width and depth; I talked about wave drag and Froude numbers; I used lots of boat analogies (if none of that rings a bell you need to dig your last issue out and read it before going on here).’
    • ‘Locomotion velocity, usually expressed as absolute distance per second, might be more appropriately measured in body lengths per second, or possibly defined as the nondimensional Froude number.’
    • ‘As suggested here, internal Froude number may be interpreted as a measure of maneuverability.’
    • ‘From the Froude numbers he could compute the speeds of the different dinosaur species he had data for.’


Mid 19th century named after William Froude (1810–79), English civil engineer.