Meaning of frowny in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfraʊni/


  • Frowning; appearing disapproving or displeased.

    • ‘the fashion editor illuminates the frowny front row with her sunny disposition and colourful style’
    • ‘The item was removed with a sharp no, and he got a frowny, disapproval, upset Mommy face.’
    • ‘They weren't the first team to make him all frowny.’
    • ‘He looked frumpy , frowny, and maybe a little doughy’
    • ‘While the one owner and the rest of the staff are generally very friendly, the other owner (or someone with a frowny face) is super cold.’
    • ‘I must have made a frowny face, because the dude asked me what was wrong.’
    • ‘Whenever the issue has been brought up, the officials made frowny faces and claimed it was outside their mandate.’
    • ‘I asked the nice frowny server if I could swap the pot stickers dumplings for a same priced item on the apps menu.’
    • ‘He just stared at the television with clenched jaws and a sort of frowny look on his face.’
    • ‘My only frowny moment was the glass of wine I ordered was listed on the mirrored wall for $7 and I was charged $8’
    • ‘It shows a grumpy, frowny old man smoking a corncob pipe.’