Meaning of Fructidor in English:



  • The twelfth month of the French Republican calendar (1793–1805), originally running from 18 August to 16 September.

    ‘Out went the old months - January to December - and in came Vendémiaire, Brumaire, Frimaire, Nivôse, Pluviôse, Ventôse, Germinal, Floréal, Prairial, Messidor, Thermidor and Fructidor.’
    • ‘The army was called in to support a purge of right-wing deputies on 18 Fructidor, which was repeated at the local level; recently elected departmental and municipal personnel were also removed from office.’
    • ‘The plan advanced, and in the new calendar 10 Fructidor became the ‘Festival of the Old’.’
    • ‘She was instrumental in orchestrating the events leading up to the coup of 18 Fructidor and, hoping to increase her influence, had her former lover Talleyrand named Minister of Foreign Affairs.’
    • ‘The strong government established by the coup of Fructidor lasted until the spring of 1799, when military disaster again exposed the weaknesses of the Directorial regime.’



/ˈfrʊktɪdɔː/ /fʀyktidɔʀ/


French, from Latin fructus ‘fruit’ + Greek dōron ‘gift’.