Meaning of fruit block in English:

fruit block


  • A farm on which fruit is grown.

    ‘they produce grapes on a 14-hectare fruit block’
    • ‘In the fruit block next to Paul's, the saline water has destroyed whole tracts of trees.’
    • ‘That feature is linked to the original development of the irrigation areas with smallholder fruit blocks for soldier settlers and, later, new immigrants.’
    • ‘He and his wife worked a fruit block there before moving to McLaren Flat to grow wine grapes.’
    • ‘She invited us to visit her brother-in-law's fruit block and processing shed.’
    • ‘Les and his wife lived on a fruit block outside Wentworth.’
    • ‘I'd never seen fruit blocks before—there were acres and acres of oranges, grapefruit, lemons, fruit everywhere you looked.’
    • ‘I discharged myself after four days, still feeling weak, and went back to the fruit block.’
    • ‘We had no money for petrol, so he filled our car from the bowser on the fruit block.’
    • ‘I could get a really good job with lots of money, or even buy my own fruit block.’
    • ‘Why work on a fruit block if you could own your own—or better still, become an agricultural adviser?’