Meaning of fruit cup in English:

fruit cup


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  • 1British A drink consisting of a mixture of fruit juices, typically with pieces of fruit in it.

    ‘summer wine punches and fruit cups’
    • ‘he's getting me some fruit cup’
    • ‘When they bring her a fruit cup, she scoops as if she hasn't eaten today.’
    • ‘It is not what I would expect from a gin sling modelled, like Pimm's, on the classic early l9th - century English fruit cups.’
  • 2North American A fruit salad.

    ‘I eat a late lunch of tuna salad sandwich, fruit cup and water at the cafe in the library.’
    • ‘We imagine her recipe for jailhouse alcoholic ‘sterno’ does magnificent things with the odd fermented commissary fruit cup.’
    • ‘Have a yogurt or fruit cup at 10: 30 ish to get you by until lunch.’
    • ‘Although her feet were still throbbing and her emotions still ran high, she was a no longer hungry thanks to a fruit cup from the hospital cafeteria.’
    • ‘Who wants to hit House of Pancakes with a priss who will only order a Diet Sprite and a wimpy fruit cup?’
    • ‘Great for eating fresh and for snacks, salads, and fruit cups, it also makes good applesauce.’
    • ‘It was on my way and I knew that she likes fruit cups, so I thought I'd make her one.’
    • ‘On the second shelf there's noodles, fruit cups, applesauce.’
    • ‘Or mixed fruit cups can be blended with your choice of cream, whipped cream, honey or yogurt.’
    • ‘The colorful shop also sells fruit cups sprinkled with chile powder, and other snacks.’
    • ‘Shelf stable at room temperature these little fruit cups are a great addition to the lunch kit, providing a healthy portion of fruit to a mealtime or snacking occasion.’
    • ‘On a recent trip to Mexico, I encountered that fruit cups are a very popular item sold in the streets filled with tourists.’
    • ‘Our fruit cups contain fresh-cut watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, orange and strawberry all arranged attractively in a see-through cup.’
    • ‘These fruit cups are a refreshing treat after a long day in the sun.’
    • ‘Kids ages eight to 12 ate fruit cups / applesauce cups nearly seven-and-a-half more times per person in 2003 than they did in 1999 and they ate fresh fruit five more times in 2003 vs. five years ago.’
    • ‘The fruit cups, whether mixed or as a single fruit offering, are served with your choice of three toppings: a sweet and creamy blend of sweetened and flavored sour cream, a low-fat and sugar free yogurt and best of all, the Fiesta chili blend of salt, lime and chili.’
    • ‘You can get a fruit cup instead of hash browns, and there's a real milkshake served in a metal container, a bottomless cup of decent coffee and little boxes of cereal.’
    • ‘Toni joked around as she open a fruit cup and began eating at its delicious contents.’
    • ‘Simple sugars, like those found in sweetened juices, sodas and fruit cups cause a spike in blood sugar.’