Meaning of fruit knife in English:

fruit knife

nounplural noun fruit knives

  • A small knife for cutting and paring fruit.

    ‘apples should be pared with silver fruit knives’
    • ‘My husband's granny never went anywhere without a silver-plated fruit knife in her handbag.’
    • ‘She preferred the small, elegant fruit knives, precisely because they were rather blunt.’
    • ‘The rich embellishment of these knives is ordinarily found as extra decoration on individual fish knives, dessert knives, and fruit knives in the Japanese pattern.’
    • ‘The skin's a little tough for me so I have to take a fruit knife to them, but Graham sinks his teeth in and bites off a chunk.’
    • ‘Items on auction are to include a set of 12 fruit knives and silver-coated baskets.’
    • ‘A cased set of six fruit knives and forks made about 1882 was auctioned in London in 1996.’
    • ‘I saw two attackers, both men, one with a watermelon knife and the other with a fruit knife.’
    • ‘If you want to encourage guests to snack on the centerpiece, add a fruit knife and a pile of attractive cocktail napkins.’
    • ‘The set comes with five blades, including a meat knife, a fish knife, a fruit knife, a vegetable knife, a bread knife, and a serving fork.’
    • ‘The Public Security Ministry said items like fruit knives, scissors, hammers and axes must be checked in before boarding.’