Significado de fruit loop en en inglés

fruit loop


coloquial Norteamericano
  • A mad or crazy person.

    ‘And you all thought I was some kind of fruit loop!’
    • ‘Which is a shame, because the Independent seem intent on reminding him what a fruitloop his dad is at every opportunity.’
    • ‘The people were strangre and the psychologist here is a fruit loop.’
    • ‘Plenty of people who disagree with us do so without coming across as total fruitloops, and as such we respect their differing opinion.’
    • ‘If the characters were 12 different shades of fruitloop, I may be amused.’
    • ‘The man must be a fruit loop.’
    • ‘The fruitloops in Byron Bay have gone off the deep end again, refusing to allow landowners to build seawalls to protect their properties from erosion.’
    • ‘You people are stupid fruit loops.’
    • ‘Was I a magnet for all the fruit loops in the universe?’
    • ‘I read your comment and I have a suggestion so you don't "look like a fruitloop" while encouraging support for that issue on your campus.’
    • ‘I really hope they catch this person soon and it does turn out to be some fruitloop.’
    • ‘You know what is really bizarre is the behaviour of these puritanical fruitloops.’
    • ‘They also think that internet people are fruit loops, axe murderers and 13 year old boys out to get their kicks.’
    • ‘Yes, I too live in fear that one day these fruit loops will realize their power and rise up!’
    • ‘If you're a stripper and you're honest about it, you're gonna get the fruitloops, the sexual propositions -’
    • ‘Well at that time, were either you or your parents aware that Percy was regarded by some as a bit of a ' fruit loop '?’
    • ‘It was a good protest, even if the loopy-left were doing their best to make the whole-left look like a bunch of fruit loops.’
    • ‘She calls me her "little fruit loop" and tells me that it's okay if I'm just tad bit gay, she loves me anyway.’
    • ‘What fruitloop thought it a good idea to let a knuckledragger like him into the country?’
    • ‘What was the fruit loop thinking of when did that?’


1970s from Froot Loops, the name of a breakfast cereal.