Meaning of fruit pigeon in English:

fruit pigeon


  • A fruit-eating pigeon occurring in the Old World tropics.

    Compare with fruit dove

    a relative of the imperial pigeons occurring in New Guinea (genus Ducula, family Columbidae).a green pigeon occurring in Africa (genus Treron, family Columbidae).

    ‘Scores of sleek, black mynas, an assortment of tubby, green fruit pigeons, a few tiny parrots hanging upside-down and a legion of stately red-knobbed hornbills pummel me with discarded bits of cherry red figs.’
    • ‘Two radiations that come to mind as ideal subjects of comparative studies because they are diverse and include nonfrugivorous sister groups are the fruit pigeons and the New World trogons.’
    • ‘Our pigeons don't have those pigments in their feathers, however some fruit pigeons and parrots do.’
    • ‘The so-called fruit pigeons as a general rule do not breed as prolifically as the seed eating species.’
    • ‘It was not smugglers, but fruit pigeons who scattered the unsoaked seeds on other islands.’