Meaning of fruitage in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfruːtɪdʒ/


mass noun archaic, literary
  • Fruit collectively.

    ‘Marcus surprised her by constructing from gold wire an abstract fruitage’
    • ‘they place before their vision of the cross the fruitage of their speech’
    • ‘"That money is not the main goal but rather the fruitage of our hard work," he said.’
    • ‘Jesus of Nazareth said that we should judge actions by fruitage, in other words, by practical effects.’
    • ‘In so doing, our lives will be nourished by the Holy Spirit and we will thereby produce much fruitage.’
    • ‘Each one who dedicates himself to Jehovah has a responsibility in this regard to endeavor to acquire fruitage by discipling people of the nations.’
    • ‘It is the seed planted in fertile soil that springs up into fruitage.’