Meaning of fruiting body in English:

fruiting body


  • The spore-producing organ of a fungus, often seen as a toadstool.

    ‘At the maturity of the Cordyceps fungi, fruiting bodies of a spectacular shape grow out of the host insect.’
    • ‘In reality, a truffle is the fruiting body of a fungus which grows wholly underground.’
    • ‘One final consideration is that the known fruiting bodies of marine fungi are not as geometrically complex as the Mistaken Point taxa.’
    • ‘Mature fruiting bodies of Hemitrichia serpula, Trichia botrytis, and Trichia favoginea were documented by field collections in the tree canopy.’
    • ‘Cursory scanning of fresh cultures was conducted for each plate to check for existing myxomycete fruiting bodies.’