Meaning of fruits of the forest in English:

fruits of the forest

plural noun

  • A mixture of different types of berry, typically as a flavouring.

    ‘cheesecake with fruits of the forest’
    • ‘fruits of the forest yoghurt’
    • ‘To fill a corner, I had the choice of strawberry, lemon or fruits of the forest gateaux.’
    • ‘Clean sheets, double glazing and fruits of the forest compote for breakfast all got her seal of approval.’
    • ‘To make sure that she also gets roughage and carbohydrates, I prepare a bowl of Ready Brek sprinkled with fruits of the forest.’
    • ‘We declined puddings, even though I was tempted by fruits of the forest ice cream, and headed home feeling a little disappointed.’
    • ‘As well as natural water he and his son produce six fruit-flavoured varieties, including apple and cranberry, fruits of the forest, and peach.’
    • ‘They lived off wild fruits of the forest.’
    • ‘The tea was excellent and the Fruits of the Forest berry pie was rock-steady.’
    • ‘This is a well-priced wine, with notes of fruits of the forest, crisp citrus, hints of florals and some nice depth to its yeasty undercurrent.’
    • ‘The fruits of the forest vinaigrette added a sweet and sour note to the proceedings.’
    • ‘The dressings were really interesting (I had fruits of the forest, which was a berry tasting vinaigrette - very yummy!).’